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Within the framework of a Leader project, the Bürgerwiese Marsberg generation meeting place was created on the 3900 square meter area of the former open-air swimming pool between the Diemeltal indoor swimming pool.

The citizen help Marsberg with the Büwi girls team worked with many volunteers, (families, seniors, old residents and new citizens, entrepreneurs and private citizens, trainees and asylum seekers...) for months on this generation meeting.

Generationentreffpunkt Bürgerwiese

Spielplatz Generationentreff Bürgerwiese Marsberg


Generationentreffe Bürgerwiese Marsberg


Generation meeting Bürgerwiese Marsberg

Kattwinkel 1

34431 Marsberg

Telefon: 02992-2690



The Bürgerwiese is not just a playground, but a meeting place for young and old.
The intention is to bring together the needs of different age groups. Mainly natural materials were used in the construction.

Six different areas were created.

For example, the lettering "Bürgerwiese" was carved vertically into a tree trunk as welcome art.

Flower meadows, climbing hills and crawl tunnels were created, paths were paved, balancing logs were planed, huts, tree houses, swings and benches were built.

In addition to hanging swings, multi-person seesaw, a Hollywood swing and wooden loungers at the barbecue area, sandbox, slide, seesaw animal also invite families to play. Other attractions include water games, the beach volleyball court, a tipi village, generation swingers, a ropes course, a tree trunk Mikado, and much more. There is a stage platform for events.

For seniors there are three fitness machines (1 machine for wheelchair users).

A snack bar or kiosk and toilets are available in the adjacent Diemeltal indoor swimming pool.

Main opening times:

Sunday opened
Monday opened
Tuesday opened
Wednesday opened
Thursday opened
Friday opened
Saturday opened


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