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Gallery of arts and crafts in Warstein-Niederbergheim. Open for special exhibitions (Christmas, Easter ).

Außenansicht Mühle


Gallery mill Niederbergheim

Sauerlandstraße 8

59581 Warstein

Telefon: +49 151 42501414



The romantic water mill at the entrance to the town originally dates back to 1551. The Archbishop of Cologne at that time had arranged for the construction of this grinding mill. In 1590, the Electoral Cölnische Mühle became the property of the Teutonic Knights of Mülheim. Later, the von Bockum-Dolffs family of Möhnesee-Völlinghausen became the new owners.

Baron von Bockum-Dolffs had the mill renovated in 1787 and brought up to the state of the art for that time. He also added a sawmill.

In 1960 the milling operation was stopped and in 1972 the sawmill was closed down. Today, the entire facility is owned by the Wilhelm Pohl family, which is trying to preserve the buildings and the water wheel for posterity. During the renovation work, it became clear how much building fabric still exists from the 16th century.

Current use:

In 1982, the couple Annette and Wilhelm Pohl acquired the entire property, which had been unoccupied and in appropriate condition for 20 years. First the hydroelectric power plant was repaired, then the residential building, which belonged to the sawmill, and finally the old mill with the miller's dwelling. The result was so convincing that the mill was listed as a technical monument after completion. The electricity generated by hydropower is partly consumed by the mill itself or fed into the public grid: On an annual average, 120 households are supplied by it.

In order to "breathe life" into the mill again, Annette Pohl opened a gallery for arts and crafts in the grinding room with a millstone, two old grinding chairs and remains of the transmission as early as 1983. Exhibitions during Easter, autumn and Christmas attract visitors from near and far to the unique rooms of this old water mill. Between natural stone walls and half-timbering with massive oak beams, a mood and atmosphere is created that is second to none.

Our mill service

  • Handicrafts from the Erzgebirge
  • Fabric articles from Bassetti
  • Tableware from Hedwig Bollhagen
  • Garden furniture from Weishäupl
  • Wooden toys from Ostheimer and Sievers-Hahn
  • Angels to collect and much more
  • Pillows, blankets, glasses, vases, decorations and much more.

Main opening times:

Day From Until
Sunday 14:00 18:00
Friday 14:00 18:00
Saturday 14:00 18:00


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