Freiherr-von-Wintzingerode Park

Zoo/animal park

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A special experience for small and large animal lovers. Here, humans and animals meet at eye level.


Situated somewhat off the beaten track on the edge of the town center, in the immediate vicinity of the Quellenhof Clinic, the Freiherr-von-Wintzingerode Park (wildlife park) offers you an interesting insight into the local animal and plant world.

Open the gate, enter the park and be surprised by what happens next: While you are walking unsuspectingly, suddenly something crosses your path and you are face to face with a fallow deer. No trace of fear, he continues leisurely on his way. Follow it and you will discover other fallow deer grazing in the meadow nearby. You can also meet peacocks in the game reserve.

The game park with a size of 15.5 hectares consists of 2/3 deciduous forest and 1/3 of a scattered orchard and a pure meadow area. It was established in 1960 by its namesake, Baron von Wintzingerode, former chief district director in Soest. It is accessible to everyone free of charge. Today, as then, it fulfills a non-exchangeable, therapeutic purpose through the special, free and equal encounter between humans and animals. Children take great pleasure in being so close to "wild" animals, and you, too, will be impressed by this new experience.

In March 2014, two insect hotels were set up in Wintzingerode Park as nesting and hibernation aids, e.g. for bees and bumblebees. Soon, a "green classroom" is to be created.

We look forward to your visit!

Free admission. Dogs are allowed on a leash.
The wildlife park is always open. Free admission.

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