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In the Felsenmeer in Hemer you can see impressive rock formations that have been formed over centuries by the influence of wind, water and man, because here in the Felsenmeer is one of the oldest mining areas of iron ore in Westfalen.

Die freischwebende Brücke über dem Felsenmeer biet

Blick ins Felsenmeer

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Barrierefrei durchs Felsenmeer


Felsenmeer Hemer

Deilinghofer Str. 71

58675 Hemer

Telefon: 02372-551 372




The Rock Sea
Due to its appearance, the Rock Sea is divided into three parts: the 'Big Rock Sea', the 'Small Rock Sea' and the 'Paradise'. Together, the parts extend 700 meters in length and 100 to 200 meters in width. With the start of the State Garden Show 2010, the Felsenmeer has also become more exciting and eventful than ever before. This is because a free-floating, wave-shaped bridge and a viewing platform open up completely new views of the "National Geotope" to visitors. The Felsenmeer can only be visited via the designated paths, which you are not allowed to leave under any circumstances, as there are many deep crevices and fissures throughout the area. You also protect the flora and fauna of this sensitive geotope. There are information boards at the entrances to the Felsenmeer. The 'Panorama Trail' designated there will lead you to the most impressive viewpoints.

On the way in the Felsenmeer National Geotope
If you want to get more detailed information about the formation, geology, cultural and natural history of the Felsenmeer, you have the possibility to participate in a guided tour.

Guided tour for children, teenagers and adults
A beautiful forest path leads from the Heinrichshöhle up to the Felsenmeer. Deep gorges and high rocks impress the visitors. According to legend, dwarves once lived there. On a tour through the Felsenmeer, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about this bizarre landscape and the old iron ore mining there.

Felsenmeer mining: The Felsenmeer is one of the oldest iron ore mining areas. Here you can see impressive rock formations that have been formed over a very long time by the influence of wind, water and man.

Special guided tours and information about the Felsenmeer mining: duration about 1.5-2 hours, minimum number of participants 10 persons. Speläo-Gruppe Sauerland e.V., Tel.: 02372 - 80704, www.sgs-ev.de

Other guided tours are coordinated through the Hemer tourist information office. Please send inquiries to toiuristik@hemer.de or 02372-551 6110.

In the immediate vicinity is the Sauerlandpark Hemer https://sauerlandpark-hemer.de/.

The Felsenmeer is accessible all year round. Sturdy shoes are recommended.

The Felsenmeer Hemer is a sight at >WasserEisenLand - Industriekultur Südwestfalen.

It is also listed as a Cultural Gem of the European Union: https://culturalgems.jrc.ec.europa.eu/map/138863

Main opening times:

Sunday opened
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