Evenkopf hut - SGV hiking home Nuttlar

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The Eventkopfhütte is the hiking home of the SGV Nuttlar directly at the hiking parking lot in the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park.

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Evenkopf hut - SGV hiking home Nuttlar

Am Roh

59909 Bestwig

Telefon: 02904-1371 oder 0175-2469553




Recreational facility with pedal pool, soccer field, barbecue area, hikers' parking lot, hiking sign, shelter, campground for youth groups and SGV hiking home.

The hiking home Evenkopfhütte of the SGV branch Nuttlar is located in the nature park Arnsberg Forest, about 1.5 km from Nuttlar in the direction of Rüthen. It was built in 1972 and is connected to the electricity, telephone, water and road network and has gas heating installed. It has a recreation room for about 50 to 70 people, a newly equipped kitchen and new sanitary facilities for ladies and gentlemen. Around the home is ample seating and a permanently installed grill and fire pit.

Below the Evenkopf hut by a stream, surrounded by trees, is a campground with sanitary facilities, which in the vacation season in conjunction with the home is an ideal place to stay for youth groups up to about 70 people.

Adjacent to it is a large playground with a water treading pool.

From the associated parking lot, from which several circular hiking trails start, you can also enter the Ruhrhöhenweg, which goes from Winterberg to Duisburg. It is also possible to reach the SGV hiking network on the Plackweg via a connecting path. The home is a popular destination of many hikes, where a cozy conclusion can take place.

Hiking tips around Nuttlar can be found on the website of the Tourist Information.

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