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In the heart of the Kiersper district of Rönsahl stands the historic Servatius church.

Die historische Servatiuskirche in Rönsahl

Außenansicht Turm Servatiuskirche

Außenansicht Servatiuskirche

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Ev. Servatius Church Rönsahl

Vor dem Isern 4

58566 Kierspe

Telefon: 02269/7425



The church, formerly dedicated to St. Servatius, dates back to late Romanesque times, according to the evidence of the fortified tower. The church as well as the historic pipe organ (one of the most valuable in the region) have been listed for several years.

The former pilgrimage church dedicated to St. Servatius is the center of the district of Rönsahl in Kierspe/Märkischer Kreis. It is a three-axis typical rectangular building of the Bergisch Baroque with a wooden barrel vault. Above the side portal and by wall anchors it is marked with the year of construction 1768. The massive late Romanesque west tower remained standing after the village fire of 1766 as a remnant of a presumably Westphalian small basilica and since 1897 has borne a baroqueizing dome instead of the former pyramid roof according to the plan of the Cologne architect Heinrich Renard.

After 1950, a memorial for the victims of the two world wars was installed in the tower entrance, as well as a stained glass window with the image of the archangel Michael fighting the powers of darkness (Revelation 12). Since the fall of 2005, the bell tower, which can be accessed through the corridors, has housed a tower parlor with historical church furnishings. The interior is dominated by the organ, pulpit and altar, which are arranged vertically one above the other in the 'Bergische Aufbau' and are in fine Rococo style.

The originally white interior was colorfully painted between 1948 and 1950 under the direction of Professor Thol and decorated with angel figures and banners on the pillars, gallery parapet and sacristy. In the course of the extensive renovation in 2004, the glass windows on the east side, which had been covered for 50 years, were reopened and fragments of a historical painting were uncovered on the west wall: the picture windows, which were covered at the time for reasons of visibility and style, show the portraits of the reformers Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon framed by Art Nouveau ornaments - the wall painting reproduces the text of the Reformation hymn 'Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott' (Our God is a Mighty Fortress) as well as a dedication from the time when the nave was built, which cannot be reconstructed.

The oldest single piece in the church is a cast-iron hearth plate from 1583 with the depiction of the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15) on the west wall of the nave. The altar wall features an oil painting depicting Jesus at the Last Supper with his disciples and the institution words of Holy Communion according to 1 Corinthians 11. The original altarpiece with the portrait of Servatius, the early Christian bishop and patron saint, found its place on the west wall after expert restoration in the summer of 2005. The historic pipe organ was built in 1786 by Gebrüder Kleine as an originally unique work with 11 stops and extended in 1892 by Richard Ibach. Even after alterations made in the meantime, a substantial part of the original stop and pipe inventory has been preserved. The instrument is one of the most valuable organs in the region and, like the entire church, has been a listed building for several years.

Since 1990, the series of 'Rönsahl Church Concerts' invites to an intensive musical experience in the Servatius Church. Well-known orchestras, choirs and soloists, not only from the local area, create a varied and appealing program. A specialty is the presentation of unusual formations. Thus, the concert series has become a permanent fixture in the church and cultural life of the village and a musical insider tip in the Bergisch-Märkische border region. Catchment area: Kierspe, Marienheide, Wipperfürth. Contact: Dr. med. Ch. Luyken Tel. 02269-7425. Possible concert dates can be found in the current announcements or on the homepage. Church service Sundays at 10.00 am. The church (built 1768) can be visited on request (02269/7425).

Tip: At a Kierspe eavesdropping point, not far from the old town hall, which is located nearby, you can find out exciting information about the town hall via QR code. More information can be found under the entry "Kiersper Lauschpunkte".

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