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Engel tax office

Untere Bohle 51

59581 Warstein

Telefon: +49 2925 525 684




You are looking for someone to help you:
to organize your accounting properly,
so that you have more time for yourself and the horses.

My name is Barbara Engel,
I am a tax accountant and your horse business specialist!

Wondering why my services are different than other tax accountants or agricultural accounting firms and what makes me unique?
There are three key points:

  • I have also been riding and working with horses since childhood.
    I managed a horse business myself for many years on a part-time basis. That means we speak the same language. I have invested many hours for my business to find the best solutions.
    Through my training as a tax consultant, agricultural accountant, I have the necessary knowledge to work with you to find the perfect solution for your horse business.
    Not only to pay as little tax as possible but also to take a close look at the processes in your business and optimize them!
  • Through my ongoing training in the field of horse keeping, training and management, I am always up to date. Thus, I can not only help you plan your operation and implement your goals, but also to work out an advantage over your competitors.
  • You'd rather sit on the horse than worry about paperwork.

That's why I developed my voucher servant for you, which every new customer gets from me.

Other special offers for the horse businesses I support are, for example, voucherless accounting so that you can access your vouchers and evaluations from any location, or the introduction to cash management with the special features of horse businesses. Imagine you have knee problems. Then don't go to an orthodontist but to a specialized orthopedist.

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