E-bike charging station on the MöhnetalRadweg in Rüthen

Electric car charging station

#deinsauerland / Outdooractive POIs / E-bike charging station on the MöhnetalRadweg in Rüthen

New e-bike charging station directly on the MöhnetalRadweg provided free of charge by the company ESB - Feil.

Kostenlose E-Bike Ladestation am MöhnetalRadweg


E-bike charging station on the MöhnetalRadweg in Rüthen

Hankerfeld 8

59602 Rüthen

Telefon: 02952 818172




The 70-kilometer Möhnetalradweg from Brilon to Neheim passes directly by the company building of ESB Engineering and Feil in Rüthen. Managing partner Christian Oel wanted to use this location to make a contribution to the cyclists who use the path there.

Since he also recently installed photovoltaics on the company roof, he now provides two free charging stations for e-bikes at the company building.

The city of Rüthen has supported the project and installed a bench opposite the charging stations. "This way, cyclists can take a relaxing break while charging their bikes in plain sight - and free of charge, too," sums up Mayor Peter Weiken- Rüthen's tourism manager Klaus-Dieter Hötte is also pleased with the offer directly on the bike path. "The Möhnetalradweg is becoming more and more of a highlight in the region," says Hötte, as a number of cyclists pass the path.


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