Dwell place Arrival

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At the dwelling place "Arrival" we invite you to a concert: Listen to the forest orchestra with its many "instruments" and enjoy the special listening experience!

Verweil-Ort Ankommen

Verweil-Ort Ankommen Stele

Verweil-Ort Ankommen Aussicht


Dwell place Arrival

57399 Kirchhundem

Telefon: 02723 608-800

Fax: 02723 608-801




On your way to the next place to stay, consciously enjoy the "melodies" of the forest:

Find a cozy spot, take a seat by a tree or lean comfortably against it, close your eyes and take in the diverse sounds of the forest! How many instruments are in use right now? Are there disharmonies? Which "instrument" is dominant and...?

The place to stay is located on the Rahrbach Poetry Trail, which stretches for about 8 km.

The surroundings create a calming atmosphere. It is possible to pause at various stations along the way. Short, inspiring poems await visitors there, encouraging them to pause, reflect and feel a closer connection to nature.

A free accompanying booklet is available to deepen the experience on the Poetry Trail. This can be obtained from the Tourist Information Lennestadt & Kirchhundem or downloaded online.


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