Drewer quarries


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After the quarries were closed down, groundwater formed the beautiful lake surrounded by steep walls as a natural gem; later often called the "Blue Lagoon" near Drewer. The quarry walls are very steep, up to 20 meters high and hardly overgrown. At the bottom there is a clear deep body of water of about 8000 m² area, which takes up almost the entire bottom of the quarry.

Striking vantage point on the "Steine und Mehr" cycle route

Blick auf den Steinbruch



Drewer quarries


59581 Warstein




140 years ago, limestone, which is characterized by great hardness, was quarried here in the Drewer quarry for the first time for road construction.

After cleaning and clearing, the quarry was placed under nature conservation in 1997 and closed with a massive lattice gate. This measure serves to preserve communities or biotopes of certain wild animal and plant species, especially rock-breeding bird species, bats and amphibians, as well as plant and animal communities of semi-arid grassland. Today, the Drewer Quarry is a vivid example of the renaturation of a former quarry through natural succession. Nature has reclaimed the site.

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