Drechsel Museum (Dreggestobe) and Cultural Warehouse


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Dreggestobe and Kulturspeicher with museum café in Medebach-Düdinghausen

In the Heimathaus Pastoren Scheune in Medebach-Düdinghausen, the turning of plates, bowls and other art objects is demonstrated in the historic Dreggestobe.

Waffles and cakes will be offered in the Heimathaus' culture room.

Drechselmuseum Düdinghausen


Drechsel Museum (Dreggestobe) and Cultural Warehouse


59964 Medebach




Welcome to the Pastors Barn

We offer you a journey of discovery through the varied history of our village. In the woodturning museum our woodturners let the chips fly. In the Kulturspeicher - with museum café - exhibitions bring back to life the deserted village of Wieferinghausen and the free county of Düdinghausen with its confessional conflicts. In the village, Freistuhl, church, house panels and quarries with earth-historical themes round off the experience.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Opening hours:
April to October Thursdays from 3 to 5 p.m.

Turning demonstrations as well as guided tours in the listed church and on the historical village tour are also possible at any time by special arrangement.

Contact: info@duedinghausen-hsk.de

For more information, visit:


You will find the Dreggestobe in the center of the village opposite the church, Grimmestraße in Düdinghausen.

Text source: Homepage www.pastorenscheune.de


Museumsführung: 1,00 €
Erwachsene: 2,00 €
Kinder bis 14 Jahre: 0,00 €

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