Drakenhöhlen Obermarsberg

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The Drakenhöhlen are located in Obermarsberg below the Buttenturm. They may not be entered. Supposedly there is a tunnel under Obermarsberg from the Drakenhöhle to under the old town hall.

Drakenhöhle Obermarsberg

Drakenhöhle Obermarsberg


Drakenhöhlen Obermarsberg

34431 Marsberg



Drakenhöhle Caves

Countless legends have grown up around the Eresberg. For example, that of Siegfried, who defeated the dragon Fafnir here, then bathed in its blood and thus became invulnerable - at least except for the one spot between his shoulder blades, which was later to be his undoing. This dragon Fafnir is said to have guarded the hoard of the Nibelungs in the Drakenhöhle at Eresberg. Whether this is true remains to be seen. After all, there are a number of other caves in Germany that claim to have been the scene of this battle. What is certain, however, is that two springs were located here, which served to supply the city with water.

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