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The Jakobus chapel is located in the area of the village center of Ehringhausen, the Jakobusplatz.



Church of St. James

An der Abtei 4

59590 Geseke

Telefon: 02942/98552-10

Fax: 02942/98552-20



The Geseke district of Ehringhausen, located 3 km north of the Hellweg, first appears in sources in 1350 as "Erdinghusen". A document from 1486 bears witness to the fact that the vicar from Störmede was asked to help out the local priest at the feast of St. James.

In the 17th century a new chapel was built at the southern end of the village, which was demolished after the construction of the present church in 1912/13 due to dilapidation and lack of space. In contrast to today, church services were rarely held in the past. In addition to the patronal feast, the so-called monthly mass (monthly mass donation of some families) has been handed down for the 18th century, which was conducted by the parish priest of Störmede.

In the church interior, the wooden altars were partially removed in the early 1960s and their figures were used as wall decorations. This includes a statue of St. James, which is now placed on the right side wall. St. James as the patron saint of the church, village and shooting fraternity is also found in the non-official coat of arms of Ehringhausen, designed in 1998, in the upper left field in the form of a scallop shell.

Source: Ulrike Spichal, Wege der Jakobspilger in Westfalen. In 9 stages from Höxter via Paderborn and Soest to Dortmund. Jakobswege, Volume 8. Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (ed.), Cologne (2010).

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