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The chain smithy, reconstructed in traditional style, vividly presents the art of chain smithing, which was an important source of income in the Möhne valley from 1840 to 1970.







Chainsmiths - Museum Sichtigvor

Möhnestraße 96

59581 Warstein

Telefon: +49 2925 3310



Ore deposits, charcoal and water power created the conditions for the handling of metals in the Möhne valley centuries ago. The development of the chain industry in the 19th century led to a new flowering of metal processing. In addition to the industrial production of chains, a multitude of small home forges with two or even more forge fires emerged in the second half of the 19th century. In painstaking manual work, the blacksmiths welded chain links into chains for agriculture and industry. Around 1900, more than 200 blacksmiths were engaged in this trade in Sichtigvor, Mülheim and Waldhausen. In 1984, the "Arbeitskreis für Heimatpflege" (Working Group for the Preservation of Local History) built a chain forge with two forge fires according to old models, which also has the character of a museum. It reminds of a handicraft which was an important source of income in the Möhnetal from about 1840 to 1970. In 2008, the forge was expanded to better accommodate visitor groups.

Visits and demonstrations by appointment, contact person is Peter Marx.


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