Burg Bilstein


A medieval castle from the 12th century with a youth hostel.




Burg Bilstein

Von-Gevore-Weg 10

57368 Lennestadt

Telefon: 02721-81217

Fax: 02721-83016




Burg Bilstein is a spur castle on a spur of the adjacent Rosenberg. This slopes steeply on three sides, so that the defensive fortifications of the castle had to be aligned alone to the mountain in a northeasterly direction.

The appearance of the castle is therefore dominated by the two round towers: the Chapel Tower and the Hohnekamm Tower. The towers are connected by a tunnel running under the castle courtyard. The wing in the southeast, on the other hand, was built in 1978 to expand the youth hostel. The central building has a basement in front of it on the valley side, on which a linden tree grows that can be seen from afar. Today, a brick bridge connects the main castle and the outer castle across the partially filled-in, 15-meter-wide moat.

Enjoy the atmosphere of this medieval castle complex and experience a few days with your family, your school class, your club or simply alone, which you will remember for a long time.

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