Burg Altena


One of the most beautiful hilltop castles in Germany

In a picturesque location, high above the old wire-drawing town of Altena(link to webcam) on the Lenne, sits one of the most beautiful hilltop castles in Germany. Almost 900 years of eventful history have fundamentally changed the fortifications several times. The mighty fortification makes the heart of every knight and castle romantic beat faster. Burg Altena(drone flight here) was the historical center of the Grafschaft Mark and is still the cultural center of the Märkisches Sauerland today.


Burg Altena

Fritz-Thomée-Straße 80

58762 Altena

Telefon: 02352-966-7034




Between 1906 and 1915, the castle was extensively renovated and transformed into the imposing castle that captivates visitors today.

World Youth Hostel Museum

Burg Altena owes its international fame to the world's first permanent youth hostel, which was opened here in 1914. It has been preserved in its original state as the World Youth Hostel Museum. Here, visitors can try out original beds to see how hikers slept more than 100 years ago.

Museum of the Grafschaft Mark

The main museum at the castle is the Museum of the Grafschaft Mark. The exhibition(DieLinke to 360° images) shows the development of the region from early geological history through the Middle Ages, the early modern period and the industrial age to the present day. Sumptuous displays allow visitors to take part in the battles, hunts and feasts of the knights and nobles. They learn a lot about the lives of farmers and craftsmen.

Burg Altena adventure elevator

Since spring 2014, the new adventure elevator has provided barrier-free access from the bottom of the Altena valley to the upper castle courtyard. The Burg Altena Adventure Elevator is "The new gateway to the castle": 90 meters into the mountain, 80 meters to the top. Along the way, you can experience the legends and stories of the region up close at seven stations. When the elevator door opens again in the castle courtyard, the journey continues in the castle.

Group tours and museum education

Group tours and educational museum programs are a special offer at the castle. The offer ranges from children's birthday parties to themed tours. Particularly popular with children are the knight's test "From squire to knight", the "treasure hunt" and the program with Söckchen the witch and Fläd the bat. Those who wish can explore the museum on their own. Visitors can also be guided through Burg Altena with the help of a digital museum guide. The multi-media guide is available in German, English and Dutch.

Museum events

There is an extensive program of events at Burg Altena throughout the year. The medieval festival on the first weekend in August is one of the largest of its kind in South Südwestfalen. Spectacular jousting tournaments, music, juggling, acrobatics and craftsmanship take place on the banks of the River Lenne. In the darker months of the year, the castle shines in a wonderful glow when the outer walls on the Lenne side, towers and inner courtyards are artistically illuminated. The Advent season starts with the Winter Spectacular: the castle in torchlight, Christmas scents and a festive atmosphere create a wonderful atmosphere. During the Advent season, Burg Altena becomes a shining light. The Lenne side and the castle courtyards are artistically illuminated.

Castle restaurant

Burg Altena's restaurant offers a wide range of dishes. Knight's dinners are available for groups of 25 or more. Further information at: Burgrestaurant Altena, telephone: 02352 / 548 86 95

Historical park (Weyhe Park)

In 1843, Prussian King Frederick William IV commissioned his garden director Maximilian Friedrich Weyhe to plan a public park for Altena's Burgberg. The hill was embellished with promenade paths, vantage points and accompanying plantings of avenue trees and groups of trees. Weyhe's design is based on the style of the English landscape garden. On the Lenne side, the rugged rocky outcrops in combination with groups of trees and the pathways offer surprising views of the landscape. However, the park became overgrown due to inadequate maintenance. For some years now, extensive measures have been taken to make the park attractive to visitors again. Information boards have been installed and paths and steps have been renovated. A new playground is being built below the restaurant veranda.

Length of stay

You should allow about one and a half to two hours for a visit to the Burg Altena museums. A visit to the museums at Burg Altena and the German Wire Museum takes around three to four hours - including a stop at the castle restaurant in between. The combined ticket, which includes a ride on the adventure elevator and a visit to the museums at Burg Altena and the German Wire Museum, is particularly good value for money.

The Burg Altena museums are an anchor point on the valley route of the European Route of Industrial Heritageand a highlight of WasserEisenLand - Industrial Heritage in Südwestfalen.

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Saturday 11:00 18:00


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