Brilon Bürgerwald with Kyrill-Tor

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The Brilon Bürgerwald with the mighty Kyrill-Tor reminds of the destructive power of the hurricane but also of the reconstruction.

Kyrill Tor

Kyrill Tor


Brilon Bürgerwald with Kyrill-Tor

Petersborn 1

59929 Brilon

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Kyrill' destroyed over 1000 ha of the Brilon town forest. On 1% of this area, the Brilon Bürgerwald is being created from 30 different tree species, a recreational, climatic and scented forest, an adventure area for all the senses. Help us with the reforestation! Shape the landscape with us! Plant a tree or purchase a forest token, for which a tree will then be planted by foresters. 'Set a ray of hope!' You can be active in replanting the forest after the storm Kyrill.

The Kyrill-Tor - a memorial that reminds us of Kyrill, of unimagined destructive power, but also of reconstruction, reorganization and new beginnings.
The gate consists of 14 massive spruce trunks. Each is 20 meters long, weighs 1.5 tons and comes from the Brilon city forest. Galvanized steel feet are embedded in a concrete foundation. A peeled, otherwise untreated wooden colossus grows diagonally upwards from each metal foot and marks the entrance to the Brilon Bürgerwald.

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