Borberg's churchyard (place of souls)

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Sauerland-Seelenorte and scene of 2,000 years of settlement history

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Borberg's churchyard (place of souls)

Derkere Str. 10a

59929 Brilon

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Mysterious remains of walls, Wallen, graves and mounds stimulate the imagination. What may once have happened in this place - this is the riddle that one involuntarily asks oneself here.

And indeed, many historical relics can be found here. Researchers have discovered that the oldest mounds date back to the time around the birth of Christ, when Germanic tribes encountered the Celts. At that time, the mounds provided protection from invading enemies. In the eighth and ninth centuries, around the time when Charlemagne ruled the Frankish Empire, a walled castle was built as a fortification, which presumably served as a staging post for Frankish troops.
The ruins of the Borberg terraces still exude a strong fascination today - and they tell a story. According to the annals, the town on the "Borrenberge" also had a small nunnery. Excavations have uncovered the foundation walls of a church, the gate and the foundations of a chapel and a cemetery dating back to the 13th century.
Hikers enjoy spectacular views of Olsberg and the Sauerland mountains from the Borberg on the Rothaarsteig. The Marienkapelle, also called Friedenskapelle, is also worth a visit. It has been perched high on the cliff since 1925.

Borberg's churchyard is located on the Rothaarsteig and can be reached on foot. It can be hiked in half an hour from the hikers' parking lot near the Hiebammenhütte Brilon or the Waldhotel Schinkenwirt in Olsberg.
The Borberg is also a Sauerland-Seelenorte hiking village.

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