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Beringhausen is situated in the narrow valley on both banks of the Hoppecke and at the foot of several prominent mountain peaks. The mountain slopes are very steep and accessed by beautiful forest paths.

Blick auf Beringhausen

Ortswappen Beringhausen

Blick auf die Kirche Beringhausen

Blick auf Beringhausen

St. Markus Kirche Beringhausen

Jüdischer Friedhof Beringhausen Padberg


Beringhausen - district of Marsberg

Bäckerstraße 8

34431 Marsberg

Telefon: 02992-8200



The place is first mentioned in documents in 1101 as "Berdinchus" near Marsberg. The lion is the symbol of St. Mark the Evangelist, to whom the parish church is dedicated, while the abbot's staff is a reminder of the upper court of the former Cistercian monastery of Bredelar, which was located in the village. The colors gold and blue come from the coat of arms of the Padberg family, to whose "dominion" the village belonged until 1806.

The central point of the village, located in the Diemelsee Nature Park, is St. Mark's Church.

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