Belecke Trade Association


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Member of the Stadtmarketing Warstein e.V.

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Belecke Trade Association

Walter-Rathenau-Ring 9-11

59581 Warstein

Telefon: +49 (0) 171-9088886



Belecke Trade Association

- that means organized cooperation of medium-sized companies from trade, handicraft and industry. Welcome, we are a strong community consisting of more than 100 members. With this regional network we bundle the formative and economic power of the middle class in Belecke, in order to realize common ideas and to represent its interests lastingly opposite the policy. There is a wide variety of businesses - trade, crafts, services, manufacturing and freelance professions - within Belecke. We want people to feel at home here, and we want this diversity to continue to contribute to Belecke's attractiveness as a place to live and love in the future. Our association is committed to a positive economic, social and cultural development in Belecke and stands for a pleasant shopping experience in an attractive city center. Based on conviction and joy in our own profession and company, a community is created that is attractive enough to train young people locally and offers jobs in the local region as a responsible employer. Our goals: - Promotion of the retail trade by developing joint campaigns and increasing the attractiveness of the inner city - Strengthening of industry and trade by improving the inner city framework conditions - Representation of the interests of the tradesmen vis-à-vis politics and administration - Support of the social and cultural development of Belecke - Strengthening of the purchasing power retention in Belecke - Creation of new jobs and training of young people from the region - Settlement of new specialized stores and commercial enterprises The local "we" feeling.

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