Atta cheese - The original from Atta-Höhle

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Cheese delight matured in the depths of the Atta-Höhle.



Atta cheese - The original from Atta-Höhle

Röntgenstraße 12

57439 Attendorn

Telefon: +49 2722 937513

Fax: +49 2722 937525



The peculiarity of Atta cheese is that it ripens in the depths of the Atta-Höhe in Attendorn, the largest stalactite cave in Germany. At a constant temperature of 9 degrees Clesius and a humidity of 95%, the cheese is stored in peace and darkness - conditions that cannot be produced artificially and which have a special effect on the cheese. Three months is needed for the cheese made from regional milk to ripen. Once a week it is washed with salt water to prevent mold, otherwise the cheese matures in peace, developing its unique spicy-delicate flavor and idiosyncratic perforation. And so it becomes a unique regional specialty.

You can buy the cheese in selected specialty stores, via the homepage and directly at the Atta-Höhle.

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