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Yes, am I in Africa? No, but I am in the Africa Museum in Olsberg-Gevelinghausen. And the exhibition here is devoted entirely to culture on the black continent.

Afrika-Museum Vogt Gevelinghausen

Afrika-Museum Vogt Gevelinghausen

Afrika-Museum Vogt Gevelinghausen


Afrika Museum Vogt

Auf´m Bohlen 14

59939 Olsberg

Telefon: 02904-9768014, am Wochenende: 0

Fax: 02904-1457



The family of Gerhard Vogt, who built the museum, has had a close relationship with Africa since 1886 through missionary work. Today, Vogt presents museum visitors with a cross-section of African art that his relatives have collected over many years. African art often, but not always exclusively, has religious significance. By means of their art objects, the people of Africa wish to establish a connection between the people and supernatural powers: the spirits of the ancestors, the gods, as well as the powers associated with the forest, bush and water. The Africa Museum presents wooden objects - from simple bowls to masks to statues of various cultures - as well as jewelry objects, metalwork, and wrought-iron works.

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(Texts: Vogt and Tourism Brilon Olsberg)

Main opening times:

Day From Until
Wednesday 14:00 16:00
Friday 14:00 16:00


Eintritt: 1,00 € pro Person

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