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In the adventure elevator to the castle

For many centuries, Burg Altena was difficult to capture. Even long after the Middle Ages, accessibility was an obstacle. But this is now a thing of the past: With the new adventure elevator, Burg Altena can now be reached quickly and barrier-free from the city center. After a walk through a ground-level gallery, the elevator takes visitors comfortably, directly to the upper castle courtyard. Modern technology provides a multimedia experience on the way to the elevator. Magical figures in the Burgberg and an impressive museum collection within the castle walls promise an exciting adventure for the whole family.








Adventure elevator Burg Altena

Lennestraße 45

58762 Altena

Telefon: 02352/ 5489897



In the middle of the Sauerland, on a steep rock, lies one of the most beautiful hilltop castles in Germany: Burg Altena. Today, the mighty building from the 12th century houses a museum. For a long time, the imposing walls were only accessible to visitors on foot. Since April 26, 2014, however, there has been the Burg Altena adventure elevator.

Since then, visitors can park in the city center and comfortably ride the elevator to the castle. (Parking is available, among other places, in the direct vicinity parallel to the banks of the Lenne River and in the "Langer Kamp" parking lot, about 800 meters away, where buses can also park. From the Langer Kamp parking lot, the pedestrian zone leads directly and at ground level to the adventure elevator). The new gate to Burg Altena is now located in the pedestrian zone.

By passing through the new gate, the visitor begins the journey into a long gone, imaginative era. From a talking painting, the lord of the castle, Count Dietrich, greets his guests in person with his lovable friend Burghard, the bat.

The tour continues through a 90-meter-long gallery, where six adventure stations are waiting to be discovered. Regional legends come to life here and can be experienced up close thanks to modern technology. The transformation of one's own reflection into a medieval figure is just one of six impressive experiences. Audio shells at each of the saga stations also invite visitors to listen to the saga in full length. After six multimedia experiences, the entrance to the elevator follows. 80 meters of altitude are now overcome comfortably and barrier-free in 30 seconds. The legend figures from the gallery come to life and accompany the guests during the elevator ride to the castle courtyard.

Main opening times:

Day From Until
Sunday 10:00 18:30
Tuesday 09:30 17:30
Wednesday 09:30 17:30
Thursday 09:30 17:30
Friday 09:30 17:30
Saturday 10:00 18:30


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