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Action climate tolerant plants for the garden and

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You don't need to read the newspapers to realize that in recent years spring has been far too dry, summer far too hot, and temperatures in cities in particular have been extreme. Many of our native plants are having a hard time with this climate change, dropping their foliage early, drying out, or becoming susceptible to disease. So what we need now are hardy plants that are familiar with the current climate within their natural habitat and can cope well with it. Words like prairie plants, bee plants or city tree of the future certainly come to mind. But which plants can be called climate robust, what do they look like, what advantages do they have and where can I look at them?

We want to provide answers to this question and have started a project on this topic together with our eight trainees. In coordination with the city of Olpe and the Olpe Aktiv city marketing association, we had ten planters made of corten steel and planted each with a different, robust large shrub and various perennials or grasses. Most of these plants are insect-friendly woody plants.

We had to compromise on the underplanting, as almost all drought-tolerant perennials want a location in the sun, and some of the tubs are also placed in shady locations. All the work was done by the trainees and they will also take care of the rest. Information about the individual plants can be found on each of the planters. This gives every interested resident of Olpe and the surrounding area, as well as visitors, the opportunity to look at the plants and observe them over a period of time.

A list of all plants used can be found under picture 2.

On Saturday, 08.05.2021 the tubs were placed for the first time starting at Kurkölner-Platz and ending at Bleichewiese. Since it is a temporary action, the plants will move after a certain time and change to another location. Considered for this is then next the area around the city park (from Saturday, 04.09.2021).

You can see the exact locations of the tubs in each case on the map below.

All planting locations are within easy walking distance.

The Kramer Garten team wishes you a pleasant walk to the climate-tolerant plants.


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