Welver is the topographically proven "center of Westfalen". About 7% of the municipality's area consists of forest.

  • Rapsfeld in Welver

  • Heimathaus in Welver

  • Herrschaftliches Anwesen

The topographically proven "center of Westfalen" consists of 21 districts and is considered the "green lung" of the region thanks to its rural structure. Welver looks back on a history of more than 835 years and shows, especially in the district of Kirchwelver, how lively history can be conveyed. The Heimathaus in the former bakery of the Cistercian monastery presents one of the largest collections of local history in the region with several thousand exhibits. Especially worth seeing is a showcase in which the battle of Vellinghausen is re-enacted with about 2500 tin soldiers. As a hiking and biking region, Welver, thanks to its flat landscape and the wide view over the Soest Börde, offers both the exposed hiker and every leisure tourist many opportunities for recreational activities. In this context, the area of the municipality of Welver can boast a diversified forest, field and meadow landscape and is thus excellently suited for a quiet, nature-related local recreation. Tip: Directly adjacent to the designated hiking trails in the district of Eilmsen-Vellinghausen there is the possibility to explore the "Lippeaue nature reserve". It extends over a length of 25 km and has an area of about 1200 ha.

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