The four-valley town of Plettenberg is located in the west of the Sauerland between the Lenne Mountains in the north and the Ebbe Mountains in the south. The town extends into the four river valleys of the Lenne, the Else, the Grüne and the Oester and thus offers pure nature.

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The green, forested low mountain range landscape offers the ideal backdrop for all nature fans and invites to extensive hiking and biking tours. Plettenberg is located on the Lenneroute, the adventure bike trail from the source of the Lenne to the mouth of the Ruhr. The town also has access to the Sauerland-Höhenflug, the 250 kilometer long quality long-distance hiking trail. The P-Weg, a 63-kilometer hiking and mountain bike trail, also runs around the town.

The Oestertalsperre also belongs to the municipal area. The largest swimming pool in the city is a popular destination for diving, swimming and fishing. In summer there is the possibility to glide over the water while stand-up paddling and discover the dam from a special perspective. Unforgettable water fun is also promised by the AquaMagis water and slide park. Whether action on the unique slides or relaxation in the Caribbean and sauna world, there is something for everyone here.

Every city has its history, which can be experienced through monuments and cultural institutions. A guided tour of the " Neu Glück" lead ore mine museum provides an insight into the history of iron ore mining "underground". During a visit to the Heimathaus Plettenberg, the history of the founding of the town and the industrial tradition of the town can be traced.

The Plettenberg history trail and the audio guide bike tours offer the possibility to discover Plettenberg's town history(s) on your own. Whether relaxation, action, nature, culture or history, there is a lot to see and discover in the four-valley town!


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