Spring tips in Sauerland

Nature is awakening from its winter sleep, the days are gradually getting longer and the temperatures are rising - it's springtime in the Sauerland. These are ideal conditions for exploring the region during an excursion. We have picked out a few tips for you as a little inspiration.


Soul place hike "Peperburg quarry".

A walk through the nature reserve Breiter Hagen near Lennestadt in spring is a real experience not only for the eye, but also for the nose. Because from April on, the wild garlic sprays its intense garlic scent here. On narrow paths you will walk through the spring-green Buchenwald and discover the ruins of the historic Peperburg and the limestone quarry overgrown with ivy and grasses, two further highlights along the way.

Nordenau Easter Bell Trail

In the months of March and April, numerous blooming daffodils delight hikers on the Nordenau Easter Bell Trail and make the 10.7-kilometer round trip a very special experience. In addition to a varied route with many great views and impressions around the picturesque half-timbered village of Nordenau, you will discover numerous historical relics along the way and have time to really take a deep breath and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Nordenauer Osterglockenweg.png



With the opening of the Fledermaustunnel in spring, the SauerlandRadring traditionally kicks off the touring bike season and cycling enthusiasts can look forward to another highlight on one of the most popular bike paths in the Sauerland. On the way on the 84-kilometer circuit, you can explore the region in a relaxed way. There are few climbs here, which is due to the fact that the SauerlandRadring runs along large sections of historic railroad tracks.

Sauerländer Besucherbergwerk.png

Sauerland Visitor Mine

When spring approaches, the Sauerland visitor mine also awakens from its winter sleep. Equipped in proper style with a miner's helmet and protective jacket, visitors then once again rumble down the original mine train from the 1950s 1,300 meters into the Eickhoffstollen and find themselves directly below the Dörnberg. Absolutely impressive what the miners have done here day after day and a must on every Sauerland bucket list.


The Sauerland has another highlight to offer with the Plästerlegge, the highest natural waterfall in NRW, which promises a breathtaking experience, especially in spring. For when the snow has melted, the masses pave their natural way and the water plunges with thunderous noise about 20 meters almost vertically down over a rocky ledge and then flows about 500 meters as a torrent into the valley. A phenomenal natural spectacle!


Personenschifffahrt Biggesee.png

Passenger boat trips on the Sauerland-Seen

When spring starts, it is time again for the "White Fleets" on our idyllically situated Sauerland-Seen. Majestically, they sail across the water, offering passengers a completely different view of the picturesque landscape that surrounds the reservoirs. Perfect for relaxing while enjoying a delicious piece of cake and a hot cup of coffee.

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