Special nature highlights

We show you the best tips for trips with unique nature highlights!

Die Almequellen mit ihrer Mystik sind ein ganz besonderes Ziel für einen Ausflug.


The Almer Mühlental offers a place for experience and relaxation. Here, in the largest spring area in the Sauerland, it bubbles mystically at every corner. 104 springs form rising bubbles in the crystal-clear water. You can hear birdsong, rustling trees and bubbling springs. Not for nothing is this place one of the 42 Sauerland-Seelenorte. The Alme circular trail in the spring area is largely barrier-free and invites you to take a relaxing walk. It leads along green trees and there are many benches to relax and enjoy. Again and again, the Alme flashes in the reflection of the sun a few meters below the path. Passing the spring lake, you can admire the flora and fauna on the way. As refreshment, it is worth trying the clear water of the Alme. For the adventurous, it is recommended to climb the Uhusfelsen, a stone rock that stands above the valley and rewards the ascent with a wide view into the distance and of the valley.


Arrived in the small village of Wasserfall near Bestwig, the hike to the Plästerlegge, the only natural waterfall in NRW, begins. The narrow path leads along mosses and lichens over wooden stairs through a green mixed forest. Once you have reached your destination, you will see an impressive natural spectacle. The Plästerlegge falls about 20 meters into the depths, splashing and bubbling from a rocky outcrop. A bench offers space for a rest. Insider tip: It is best to visit the waterfall after a few rainy days. If it was dry for a longer time, it might be dried up or less strong. A visit to the Plästerlegge is also worthwhile in winter. At this time of year the water freezes impressively to ice.

Sanft plätschert das Wasser an der Plästerlegge, NRWs größtem Wasserfall, hinab.

Die Himmelssäulen, mächtige Douglasien, im Glindfelder Wald sind absolut beeindruckend.


In the Glindfeld forest near Medebach, you'll find a total of 38 Douglas firs that are more than 120 years old. With a height of up to 63 meters, they are the largest living creatures in the Sauerland. Even the beech, spruce and silver fir trees standing all around look miniscule between the imposing tree giants. The Douglas firs with their long trunks rising to the sky radiate a sense of peace and security. This is another reason why they are counted among the Sauerland-Seelenorte and are definitely worth a trip for nature lovers and those seeking peace and quiet!

So idyllisch zeigt sich der Schmalah-See im Sommer.

Schmalah See:

Schmalah See is also one of the 42 Sauerland-Seelenorte and is located not far from the historic Hanseatic city of Brilon. Also known as Silver Lake, the body of water is a most popular hiking destination due to its beautiful location. It is practical that the hiking trail "Schmalahtal-Rundweg", marked with the sign B1, leads directly past the lake. From the fire oak on the Rothaarsteig you can reach the lake, after crossing the country road, via the lower forest path. Perfect for a relaxing summer day in the middle of green nature with crystal clear water.

Gorge and Bridge Trail:

The Winterberg Gorge and Bridge Trail leads 4.1 kilometers through the impressive Helletal valley in the middle of the town of Winterberg. Among other things, it goes through a dense forest, over narrow paths and numerous bridges. Again and again, you can catch a glimpse of the Helle River, which flows through the narrow valley a little further down. Arrived at the small lake, there are seats for a breather on the shore. From there it goes back again, whereby here two possibilities exist. On the one hand you can hike back to the starting point, on the other hand to a large children's playground. The hiking trail is well signposted and is one of the Rothaarsteig audio trails. On the entire path you will find information boards with a QR code. If you scan it, you will learn exciting information about flora and fauna.

Ein echtes Highlight auf 4,1 Kilometern ist der Schluchten- und Brückenpfad in Winterberg.

Zwei Wanderer unterwegs in den Ebbemooren bei Meinerzhagen.


The Ebbegebirge is an almost completely forested and almost uninhabited mountain range between Meinerzhagen in the west and Attendorn in the east. The landscape is characterized by dark spruce and brook-accompanying break forests at crystal clear brooks. Natural deciduous forests are interspersed. The natural gems of the Ebbegebirge, however, are the diverse moors. The climate up there is harsh, rainy and favorable for bog development. The bogs of the Ebbegebirge, which are rather small compared to lowland bogs, are often found on slopes. Their diversity and their independent flora and fauna are the reason for their nationwide natural history significance. Perfect for an excursion!

Die Hochheideflächen auf dem Ettelsberg sind besonders im Juli und August ein tolles Ausflugsziel.


The high heath areas in the Sauerland offer a particularly tasty destination from July onwards: because that's when the blueberries and cranberries are ripe! The little blue and red fruits are scattered everywhere. Anyone can pick and eat them. The trip there can be combined with a hike or a bike ride. Besides, it is worth to stay attentive and look around a bit. The Hochheide have a fascinating flora and fauna to offer. But it is not only at this time of year that a trip to the largest area of high heath in northern Germany is worthwhile. In late summer, the landscape turns into a purple sea of colors.

Woeste nature reserve:

The Woeste is a nature reserve and is located in the lowlands of the Ahse River between the Bad Sassendorf districts of Bettinghausen and Ostinghausen. Geologists estimate the age of the Woeste lowland moor to be about 10,000 years. The landscape there is characterized by a special diversity. Open water areas, near-natural stream areas, peat bogs, large sedge meadows, large reed beds, wet and damp meadows, fat pastures, arable land and copses alternate there and offer natural excursion fun with lots of highlights to discover.

Das Naturschutzgebiet Woeste liegt in unmittelbarer Nähe zu Bad Sassendorf.

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