Experience the Sauerland in autumn

Experience colorful forests and idyllic moments - the Sauerland in autumn

Ein Pärchen macht Rast während eines Ausflugs.

The leaves on the trees are becoming more colorful and the days are gradually getting shorter - it's autumn in the Sauerland. And right now, the region is especially inviting to explore the small and large highlights and excursion destinations. Hikers and walkers in the Sauerland-Wanderdorf villages can expect an incomparable landscape with swaying hills, wide valleys and fantastic views combined with a perfectly signposted network of hiking trails. After all, the golden autumn is considered the best season for hiking fans.

Zwei Ausflügler tauchen ihre Füße ins klare Wasser eines Sauerland-Sees.

Ein Frau entspannt bei Yoga-Übungen an einem See.

But also the Sauerland-Seen are suitable for an extended day trip in autumnal garb when the sun's rays are reflected glittering on the lightly undulating surface of the water. Breathtaking impressions of the landscape in the "Indian Summer" look can be obtained here, especially from the numerous vantage points around the lakes. Those seeking relaxation use the backdrop to find themselves again with yoga exercises and to perceive their surroundings with all their senses. The feet briefly dipped into the autumnal cold water, the circulation is stimulated again - simply invigorating.

Eine Frau entspannt beim Lesen in der Herbstlandschaft um den Biggesee.

Those who prefer to enjoy nature within the warmth of their own four walls have the ideal opportunity to do so in the numerous wellness hotels in the region. Lovingly furnished rooms with that certain something invite you to first feel the warm rays of the sun on your skin while reading a good book on the balcony and then fully recover from the stressful everyday life during a sauna session. Simply wonderful!

And of course, the culinary experience should not be neglected during an autumnal excursion to the Sauerland. You can rely on the region's restaurateurs, who will make their guests' hearts beat faster with seasonal dishes and local ingredients. Whether regional cuisine of the Sauerland with classic autumn ingredients such as pumpkin and wild mushrooms, parsnips and beet on the one hand or upscale and sophisticated cuisine from top chefs - the chefs know how to convince at the stove. An autumn trip to the Sauerland is an all-round blissful experience.

Eine Frau genießt ihr Essen in einem Sauerländer Gasthof.

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