Touring bike enjoyment in Sauerland

Relaxed on two wheels through the land of 1000 mountains

Radfahrerpärchen macht eine Pause am Wegesrand.

Only a few more meters, then we have made it and arrived at the height. At least that's what the app says. Surely there's a really great view from there again. Perfect for a little break. This is exactly how I imagined a bike tour in the Sauerland - lots of nature, a phenomenal landscape and little traffic on the roads. Simply ideal and, thanks to the rental e-bikes, not even that strenuous. Does not seem to me that we are on the road since this morning and have already managed more than 40 kilometers. The time really flew by.

How convenient, too, that we could recharge the batteries directly on site during our lunch break earlier at the inn, while we treated ourselves to a delicious Essen. Since we are guaranteed not to run out of juice on the road. And how idyllic that was in the Biergarten. Actually, it's a pity that we had to move on already. But there are still a few kilometers on the program and we definitely want to take the other highlights on the route. Or maybe later still a delicious piece of cake or an ice cream? I would find in any case really super as a small reward. You have to treat yourself to something.

Zwei Radfahrer auf Tour durch grüne Natur.

Radfahrer auf einem Radweg im Sauerland.

Is in any case not the last time that we come here to the Sauerland for cycling. On the website there were a few more tours that I found really cool. Driving on old railroad lines I've never done and is certainly also super interesting. Or we will simply consider our own route with the node system, which you can find everywhere here and stroll a little longer through one of the small towns. Everything should remain nice and relaxed. But now again briefly pedaled hard, then we have arrived at the top.

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