A fast-paced trolley ride on real railroad tracks

On the road with the bicycle Draisinenbahn

Draisine steht auf den Gleisen.

Have you ever ridden on a real railroad line with your own muscle power? If not, it's about time - because this is an extraordinary experience. You start this adventure at Oberbrügge station, a district of Halver. This is where the Schleifkottenbahna bicycle Draisinenbahn, runs between Oberbrügge and the center of Halver. Today, of course, there are no more trains on these tracks, they are closed for rail traffic and belong to you for this trip. So register in advance (by mail or phone) and get on the unusual vehicle. Two excursionists must now pedal hard, the others may rest on the bench in the middle.

Aussenansicht des Regionalmuseum Villa Wippermann in Halver

Klettergerüst des Spielplatzes an Villa Wippermann

Up to Halver it goes uphill, on the left and on the right of the track you can enjoy sometimes beautiful views into the country, sometimes wonderful forest panoramas. In Halver you park the trolley near the Kulturbahnhof. During a walk through the small town you can loosen up your legs. Visit the regional museum "Villa Wippermann" and the adventure playground right next door.

Minigolfbahn mit Looping

Gastronomie vor dem Kulturbahnhof in Halver.

Or you swing the club on the miniature golf course - or in case of bad weather and in the cold season also in the miniature golf hall. Now you treat yourself to a comfortable break in the cultural stationdirectly at the Draisinenbahn. Here you will find many delicious dishes to fortify yourself for the return trip. But don't worry, now it won't be strenuous at all. After all, you've pedaled up, which means: in the opposite direction, it's all downhill and you can easily roll all the way to Oberbrügge.

Blick auf das Gebäude der Erlebnisgastronomie Cattlemens.

With the wind still in your hair, you can then make the five-minute drive to Karlshöhe in Halver or take bus 134 from Oberbrügge-Halver in about 30 minutes. The observation tower serves as an excellent orientation point. Diagonally opposite is the "Cattlemen'san adventure restaurant for young and old cowboys, who can really enjoy themselves here after an eventful day!

Arrival by bus and train:

Ein Zug der Deutschen Bahn fährt durch die Landschaft.

The starting and finishing point is the trolley station in Oberbrügge, Bergstraße 26 F, 58553 Oberbrügge. The trolley station is located directly at the DB stop Halver-Oberbrügge and can be reached by regional train line RB25 (Cologne-Gummersbach-Lüdenscheid), RB52 (Dortmund-Hagen-Lüdenscheid) and bus lines 58 and 134 (from Lüdenscheid, Kierspe, Radevormwald and Halver, stop Oberbrügge).

The adventure restaurant Cattlemen's can be reached by bus 134 from Oberbrügge-Halver in about 30 minutes. Destination stop is the Kulturbahnhof in Halver, from where you can reach your destination in only 10 minutes by foot.

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