Off into the air

Take to the air and marvel at the Sauerland from a bird's eye view. You can choose between a relaxed and leisurely ride in a hot air balloon or from the cockpit of a glider, or a more adrenaline-pumping ride in a hang glider or paraglider. No matter what you choose, it will be an unforgettable experience. We have compiled a small overview of all the providers with whom you can venture to lofty heights.

High Ropes Course Eversberg


Around the high ropes course at the Matthias Claudius House in Eversberg, the "Seilschaft" project offers experiential educational programs tailored to their needs and goals.

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Discover the world from above, floating comfortably, that's what a balloon ride promises.

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Model flying club Marsberg e.V.

Logo Modellflugclub Marsberg

A recreational activity in which reduced or miniaturized size model aircraft are flown for the purpose of amusement or recreation.

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Hang gliding and paragliding Obermarsberg


Colorful kites and paragliders were rarely seen in the Marsberg sky.

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Ballonteam Stratmann

Ballonteam Stratmann in Meschede-Wehrstapel

Stratmann BallonTeam with the sun and the clouds at eye level.

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Glider airfield Oeventrop


Glider airfield in the beautiful Sauerland region

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Team climbing garden in the wild forest Vosswinkel


For group bookings only! More info at http://www.

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AIRlebnis - Ballonfahrten

Just take off.

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Airwalker e.V. Brilon

Logo Airwalker

Paragliding site: Brilon Poppenberg

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Flight sport Brilon

Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

The airfield is located seven kilometers from the city center of Brilon and two kilometers from the Brilon district of Thülen in the Thülener Bruch.

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Model airfield Eversberg

Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

Model airfield in Meschede-Eversberg.

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Aviation company Daniel Thamm


We make your dream come true. Ride with us in a hot air balloon and experience the Sauerland from a bird's eye view.

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sightseeing flights (motor and glider flights), flying along


The air sports club Hünsborn e. V. welcomes you.

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Ballonteam Werl-Meschede

Ballonteam Werl-Meschede

Ballooning - a unique experience!

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Arnsberg-Menden airfield


The airfield was opened in 1970 as a commercial airfield and was initially operated by the Arnsberg district and later by the city of Arnsberg until 31.

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Hang gliding and paragliding


Hang gliders and paragliders have ideal launch conditions in Altena to experience the hilly Sauerland from the air.

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Aero Club Attendorn

Flugzeuge des Aeroclub Attendorn

The Aero Club Attendorn is a group of enthusiastic model pilots.

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Schüren airfield

Flugplatz Meschede-Schüren

Hennesee airfield

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Balloon Team Becker


With the aviation company Ballon Becker over the Sauerland, and our vacation region around Meschede and Bestwig in a sufficiently large radius in the sight.

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