The great tours in Sauerland

Certified bike routes

With the RuhrtalRadweg and the Diemelradweg, the Sauerland has two ADFC-certified multi-day cycle routes to offer, which are also among the most popular touring cycle routes in Germany and attract cycling enthusiasts from near and far to the region year after year. From the starting points, the route follows the course of the Ruhr and Diemel rivers, always gently downhill through the picturesque landscape until the destination is finally reached at the respective estuaries. This is something you have to experience!

Cycling on old railroad lines

In addition to river bike paths, touring bike offers along historic railroad routes are also very popular. Where once steam locomotives snorted their way through the landscape, today cycling enthusiasts are on the move on three well-developed touring bike routes and experience pure railroad history combined with a varied nature and several highlights along the way. SauerlandRadring, GeoRadroute Ruhr-Eder or Ruhr-Sieg-Radweg - which tour do you choose?

more river bike trails

What could be better than enjoying nature on a relaxed tour by bike and letting the varied landscape take effect on you? This is possible on one of the river bike paths in the Sauerland, because they combine touring bike pleasure with natural idyll and thus offer an incomparable experience. Plan your next multi-day bike tour now and take a break from your stressful everyday life.

Theme routes

Other exciting experiences on two wheels are offered by the themed routes in the Sauerland. These are based on thematic focal points that are picked up again and again during the relaxed tour through the varied landscape and provide insights into, for example, culture, history or regional specialties at the numerous stops along the route. There is a lot to discover here, it's worth it!

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