Natural monument

Between Siebringhausen and Essinghausen you will find the nearly 5 km long zeichenKURS. There you will receive instructions and tips for drawing in nature at six stations.



Karte zum zeichenKURS



Siebringhausen 1

57489 Drolshagen

Telefon: 02761/9427990




What you need for drawing:

1. a drawing pad: preferably with a relatively smooth surface, so that the subtleties are easier to see when drawing. If the surface is too rough, you won't be able to draw fine structures on the paper as well.

2. two pencils: one in hardness H, one in hardness B. A lead holder pencil (TK pencil) for 0.5 mm leads is also practical here.

3 + 4. sharpener and eraser.

5. colored pencils, if you want to color.

6. a ruler is also handy.

7. you can easily cut a motif finder out of paper (approx. 12 x 8 cm). You can also use your fingers.

Depending on the season of the year you take the zeichenKURS, you will experience nature differently. Take your time and look at your surroundings with calmness. You will be amazed how exciting a piece of tree bark can be. Drawing is an "art" that requires patience. Have also some patience with you and your drawing. What you don't like today, you may like tomorrow. Don't throw anything away. Just look at your picture again in a few days. Maybe you will see it with different eyes.

zeichenKURS start: Siebringhausen 2, 57489 Drolshagen

You are also welcome to send your drawing or a photo of it to Drolshagen Marketing e.V.. We will then publish it on our homepage.

Guided drawingCURSES by appointment: Helmut Clemens, Tel.: 02761941744

Text: Drolshagen Marketing e.V.

Main opening times:

Sunday opened
Monday opened
Tuesday opened
Wednesday opened
Thursday opened
Friday opened
Saturday opened


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