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The watchtowers, so-called Warten, were vital for the towns in the Middle Ages for rapid warning of warlike attacks. In Geseke, four watchtowers - Lugdalwarte, Heringerwarte, Hölterwarte and Elsingerwarte - were part of the town's defense ring. Today, only the remains of the Lugdal watchtower are still standing.



Wait Lugdal

An der Abtei 1

59590 Geseke

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The Lugdal lookout is also known to the people of Geseke as the "Hexenturm" and is a popular destination for young May hikers.

In the Middle Ages, the Lugdal watchtower, together with the Heringerwarte, the Hölterwarte and the Elsingerwarte, was part of the defense ring of the town of Geseke, because in warlike times a quick warning of attacks was vital.

"Lugdal" meant "look into the valley". Above the valley of the Schledde, the tower, which was about 10 to 12 meters high, was manned by a lookout troop, which in warlike times alerted the "Türmer" of the Geseke town church with smoke signals or flag signals when enemies were in sight. Only in this way could the "Türmer" in turn warn the population of Geseke in time.

Today, only the stump of the tower and remains of the ring wall are preserved.

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