Rahrbach Poetry Trail - Lingering Place Attunement

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At the lingering place "Einstimmung" of the Rahrbach Poetry Trail we would like to get you and your senses in the mood for the "poetic" walk!

Verweil-Ort Einstimmung

Verweil-Ort Einstimmung

Verweil-Ort Einstimmung, Stele

Verweil-Ort Einstimmung Aussicht


Rahrbach Poetry Trail - Lingering Place Attunement

57368 Kirchhundem

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Find something small and delicate - a leaf, a feather, a stone, a blade of grass .... that will accompany you on the PoetryWalk and perhaps beyond.

The themed hiking trail

"Rahrbach PoesieWeg- mit Poesie zu mir und der Natur"
The approx. 8 km long circular hiking trail (on easily passable forest paths with a few slight inclines) would like to provide inspiration for inner contemplation, inspiration and a deeper encounter with nature.

Enjoy the heavenly forest atmosphere of the rustling coniferous and deciduous forests on the round tour and let yourself be inspired at six places by short poems to linger, to reflect and to enjoy nature (be-)sensually.

Tour details can be found here.

Use the booklet that accompanies the Rahrbach Poetry Trail for an informative and enlightening visit to the forest. The free booklet is available at the Tourist-Information Lennestadt& Kirchhundem, Hundemstr. 18, 57368 Lennestadt, 02723 608800, info@lennestadt-kirchhundem.de or for download.

The Rahrbach Poetry Trail leads in the areas of the dwell places 3 and 4 through specially protected forest areas, in which there is a path ban. I.e. in this section of the Rahrbach PoesieWeg it is not allowed to enter the forest areas off the paths.

And of course, entering the forest everywhere is at your own risk. This also applies to a hike on the Rahrbach Poetry Trail.

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