Piles, Wallen, deserts - 17. breakfast place

Historical site

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This stone marks a resting place, the so-called breakfast place of the Brilon Schnade.




As early as 1388, the citizens of Brilon held "Schnadezüge" to secure and confirm the borders of the Brilon Marches. Here one went to the regulation and avoidance of border disputes together with the citizens of the neighboring marks in regular intervals the borders.

...so that the location of the border stone will never be forgotten!
The tradition of the Schnadegang has been preserved until today. Every two years at the end of June a fifth of the Brilon border is walked off. If a man goes along for the first time in the Schnadezug, he is lifted up and pushed with his buttocks against a stone like this one, "Stutzäsen" the Brilon people say, so that he never forgets the correct place of the stone again.

The stone is to remind of an old boundary stone. On the stone is depicted the coat of arms of Brilon with the Kurköln cross and the key of the patron saint St. Peter.

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