Observation hut Disselmersch in the Lippeaue


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Location: 59510 Lippetal, Büninghausener Straße (near station Museumseisenbahn)

Closed observation hut in Lippetal west of Lippborg, NSG Disselmersch


Weg zur Beobachtungshütte


Observation hut Disselmersch in the Lippeaue

Büninghausener Straße

59510 Lippetal



Here, in the middle of the Lippeaue west of Lippborg, you can experience the dynamics of a floodplain live. The wide grassland areas and water bodies are completely flooded during high water. When the water level drops, the still waters and wet depressions remain a magnet for numerous bird species. During the migratory seasons in the months of March to May and August to October, there is a lot of animal activity here. Ducks and geese congregate with various species of wading birds. Lapwings and spoonbills can be observed in spring during courtship. Since 2010 a pair of white storks has been breeding on a mast close to the observation hut. The partners greet each other at the Horst with loud clattering. On balmy summer nights, tree frogs can also be heard here.

Contact person:

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Biologischer Umweltschutz e.V.
Teichstraße 19
59505 BadSassendorf - Lohne
Phone: 02921/969878-0

Main opening times:

Sunday opened
Monday opened
Tuesday opened
Wednesday opened
Thursday opened
Friday opened
Saturday opened


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