Industrial monument

In the Luisenhütte Balve-Wocklum, a monument of national importance, the historical roots of the smelting technology of the neighboring Ruhrgebiet can be experienced. Unique for Germany, a complete ironworks ensemble with iron foundry and surroundings can be visited here.

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Erlebnisspielplatz Kleine Luise

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Wocklum 10

58802 Balve

Telefon: 02352-9667-7034



The lovingly restored Luisenhütte is a modern and visitor-oriented adventure museum. The museum vividly shows, involving all the senses, how iron was produced and processed into cast products at the Luisenhütte.

A tour with all senses
The tour follows the path of the raw materials through the plant. From the scribe's cottage, the tour proceeds to the Möller floor. Here, visitors lift wheelbarrows loaded with iron ore, charcoal and limestone themselves. Heat radiators generate warmth above the blast furnace's furnace opening. A historical sound film shows how the ironworkers filled the furnace from above. Ten meters below, at the open furnace breast, the tapping of the pig iron is effectively simulated with a light show and further heat emitters and sound film clips: The red-hot iron flows into the ingot bed. Right next to the blast furnace, there were even break rooms for the ironworkers in the tapping hall. In the blower house, the water wheel with the piston blowers and the blower steam engine can be put into operation noisily. Further light installations in the iron foundry create the impression of producing smelting furnaces and the casting of gears and other castings that has just taken place.

A visit to the placekeeper
Finally, visitors can deepen their experience in the former placekeeper's apartment. Here, the film "Fire stream of iron" and an interactive computer simulation showing all production steps in three dimensions are available. Four models compare the most important smelting techniques since the Middle Ages. Finally, a small ancestral gallery briefly tells the exciting story of the count's operating family von Landsberg-Velen.

Museum education
In addition to the group tours, there are special museum education programs for children. The programs "From iron ore to waffle iron" and the workshop "Fire and tin" are suitable for school classes and children's birthday parties. There is a geocaching multicache around the Luisenhütte. Interested parties can borrow GPS devices at the hut tavern and go on a digital scavenger hunt with the help of a flyer.

Duration of visit and combination ticket
You should allow about one to one and a half hours for a visit to the Luisenhütte Wocklum. The entrance ticket is also valid for a visit to the Museum of Prehistory and Early History of the city of Balve in the former rod hammer of the Luisenhütte. Under the motto "Earth treasures - traces of man", the museum provides an insight into the exciting and varied natural and human history of the Hönnetal valley. Further information on the Museum of Prehistory and Early History can be found here.

Combined guided tours of the Luisenhütte and Schloss Wocklum. More information and requests here: Guided tours of the Luisenhütte and Schloss Wocklum.

A general overview of events (forging courses, vacation activities) is available here: Events in and at the Luisenhütte

The Luisenhütte is an anchor point on the valley route of the European Route of Industrial Heritage and an attraction of WasserEisenLand.

The Luisenhütte is closed from November 1 to April 30. It reopens on May 1, 2023.


Eintrittspreise: (inkl. Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte)
Erwachsene: 4,00 €
Ermäßigte: 2,00 €
Familien (bis zu 2 Erw. zuzüglich Kinder): 8,00 €
Gruppentarif Erwachsene je Person: 3,00 €
Gruppentarif Ermäßigte je Person: 1,50 €

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