Lauschpohl No. 7 / Giant bench near Felbecke

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The "Hawerland" has always been characterized by agriculture. The view of numerous fields and so-called "Aussiedlerhöfe" makes it particularly clear at this point. The Lauschpohl story tells what these farms are all about.

Lauschpohl "Riesenbank" bei Felbecke


Lauschpohl No. 7 / Giant bench near Felbecke

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57392 Schmallenberg-Felbecke

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Every village has exciting stories, legends, myths and anecdotes from the past. So that these do not get lost, there are 20 Lauschpöhle in the farmer country, which make these stories audible. If you want to listen to the history of the place, a little "manual work" is required.And this is how it works:

  • Turn the crank on the side of the audio station until the green LED on the front glows steadily.

  • Press the start button of the story.

  • When the LED starts flashing orange, please continue to turn the crank.

  • Listen and enjoy, let your eyes wander and let the past come alive.

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We are open all day everyday.


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