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Here you can see a chainsaw work by Bruno Rennebaum. Through the damp stream valley walk blithely these five figures and do not let themselves be diverted from their path.

Auf dem Weg


KuLTour-Werk: On the way

Kalberschnacke 1

57489 Drolshagen

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In October 2007 a very special action started near the Listersee in the Lingemicke. 12 creative women dealt intensively with nature under artistic guidance and together designed objects and sculptures mainly from natural materials. Some of the artworks have since passed away. This is an integral part of the Landart process. In 2008 and 2009, further objects were then realized along an approx. 7 km long circular path. The coexistence of art and landscape makes this 'KuLTour' an exciting and stimulating hiking trail. Many of the artworks cannot be overlooked. But with some of them you have to look very closely to discover them in nature at all. The creative team sees this as an invitation to look at the surroundings intensively and with a searching eye.

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