Industrial monument

The half-ruined Kalköfen are a testimony to the industrial history of Geseke.





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The half-ruined Kalköfen are a testimony to the industrial history of Geseke. The boom began in 1843 with the discovery of Portland cement, which led to the establishment of the first cement factory in Geseke in 1900. The construction of the new railroad line led to the building of further cement plants.

The mighty shaft kilns made of quarry stone and bricks were built in the twenties by the "Monopol" company. They have been listed as historical monuments since the eighties.

Lime has been burned in Geseke, as in many regions with limestone deposits, since the Middle Ages. The material was already in demand in ancient times because it was suitable for whitening walls, as fertilizer and, above all, as mortar.

Its practical properties are still used today: Werden limestone heated in a fire, it gives off carbon dioxide. If it is then quenched with water, it disintegrates into powder. When mixed with water and sand, mortar is produced. If the lime mortar is processed and allowed to dry, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and becomes solid again - just like the rock at the beginning of the cycle.

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