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Heilstollen in the Kilianstollen Marsberg

Bringing body, mind and soul into harmony, this also applies to the Heilstollen in Marsberg.

Heilstollen im Kilianstollen

Heilstollen im Kilianstollen

Grotte im Heilstollen


Heilstollen in Kilianstollen

Mühlenstraße 40 b

34431 Marsberg

Telefon: 02992/9028988




The Heilstollen is located a few meters inside the Kilianstollen mine. The path is at ground level and easily accessible for wheelchair users. The cool air temperature requires warm clothing and sturdy shoes are recommended. Protective clothing and helmets are available.

Cave therapy is recommended for respiratory diseases as well as sleep disorders and susceptibility to infections. The special climate in the Marsberg copper mine ensures that patients can breathe more freely again. The air in the Heilstollen is almost free of dust and allergens at an air temperature of approx. 10 °C and a relative humidity of 98 %.

Well-being and wellness in the Heilstollen

In the Heilstollen you can relax in a pleasant atmosphere. This strengthens the body, it becomes more vital and increases self-confidence. Here, too, the special climate supports the benefits for the body. All senses are activated.

Wrapped in warm microfiber blankets, you lie on relaxation loungers and enjoy the clean, soothing air while drinking healthy brine water or tea. Listen to calm music and enjoy the unique play of colors in the Heilstollen.

The alternative practitioner of the Seelenoase Obermarsberg, Petra Rumpel, regularly offers courses in the Heilstollen, which not only activate the self-healing powers but also do good to the soul.
Dates by arrangement

Petra Rumpel
Mühlenstraße 40b
34431 Marsberg
02992/9028988 (Please use AB)

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