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On a hill near Suttrop, the landscape opens up into a surprising expanse, revealing a view over a thousand hills. There could hardly be a more beautiful place for the Geopark Suttrop!

Suitable for people with walking disabilities!


Suttroper Diamanten

Suttroper Diamanten

Erlebnispunkt Steinbruch Suttrop

Schild Erlebnispunkt/Radroute Steine und Mehr

Ausblick Steinbruch


Geopark Suttrop

Unterm Steinrücken 11

59581 Warstein

Telefon: +49 2902 4008




What began as an idea over a beer is now supported by a good 300 committed Sauerlanders of all ages: the Suttrop local history society, for example, presents the "Suttrop diamonds" in the Geopark, a special type of quartz that only occurs here and for which geologists travel from all over Germany. Those who look closely can even find the "diamonds" themselves along the way, they say. The Diamond Trail introduces the various types of rock in the Warstein area. Formed as a coral reef at the equator and "migrated" over millions of years partly under the earth's crust, the mass limestone in the Warstein region - stories like these can be learned in the geostone circle on panels, videos and with the help of exhibits. Within the geo-stone circle there is an exhibition of minerals from the Sauerland and Siegerland as well as selected minerals from all over the world. These rare pieces are vividly displayed in showcases.

Lime has been mined in the region for many centuries. This is commemorated by the Kalköfen, which was rebuilt according to historical models by many volunteers and is regularly put back into operation by the association - which, of course, is always used for a kind of folk festival. The glow of the Kalköfen then bathes the whole area in a magical light.

Directly at the spectacular edge of a still active quarry, the visitor stands at the adventure point at the quarry. Here, too, information boards provide interesting facts at dizzying heights.


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