Clemensberg + "Neuer Hagen" nature reserve

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North of the village of Hildfeld is the peak of the Clemensberg.


Clemensberg + "Neuer Hagen" nature reserve

Am Clemensberg

59955 Winterberg

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At 838 m above sea level, it is the fourth highest mountain in the northern Rhenish Slate Mountains.

The summit of the Clemensberg is embedded in the Niedersfelder Hochheidelandschaft of the nature reserve Neuer Hagen, a relic of former cattle farming in the highlands of the Rothaargebirge. From the summit you have a good view of the landscape and a large diabase quarry. The boulders that lie around the summit cross come from this quarry.

Geology: The Clemensberg is built of hard and resistant diabase rock. At the time when the diabase was formed, a sea extended over the entire area of today's Sauerland. Large rivers transported ablation debris into this sea basin from a mainland far to the northwest, the Old Red continent. Mainly clays and sands were deposited on the seabed, which were consolidated in the course of time. Thin-bedded basaltic lavas rose from the Earth's mantle (from a depth of about 150 km) via conveyor fractures and penetrated the rock along bedding joints. Upon contact with seawater, they rapidly solidified. This lava turned to stone is called intrusive diabase. In the course of mountain building 300 million years ago, these layers were then strongly constricted, folded and lifted out under high pressure. A mountain range was formed: the Rhenish Slate Mountains. This was subjected to weathering and erosion over periods of millions of years, and today's landscape was formed.


weathering-resistant diabases remained as witnesses of volcanic activity between the clayey-sandy rock layers and today form the peaks of many mountains as hardened



Age of the rocks: Lower Carboniferous period, about 320 million years before todayUse

: Because of its great hardness and resistance, diabase is used mainly as chippings and gravel in road construction, but also as hydraulic engineering stone. In the past, diabase was also used as a material for gravestones.

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Getting there

Nahe der Hochheidehütte befindet sich ein Parkplatz. Von diesem Kannst du dem Weg zur Hütte gehen und dann dem Goldenen Pfad folgen. Dieser führ dich über die schöne Hochheide zum Gipfelkreuz.

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