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On the castle (456m) near Rösenbeck 2 castles have been located in the Middle Ages, of which only remains of the "east castle" are preserved today, while the "west castle" has fallen victim to a quarry towards the end of the 60s. Due to the sparse documentary tradition, both bear the name Altenfils.

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Burg Altenfils


59929 Brilon

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Historically, Burg Altenfils was first mentioned around 1180 in the list of possessions of Count Siegfried von Bonenburg, who died in 1144. By inheritance it then passed to the Duke of Saxony, Henry the Lion, and is mentioned again in 1200 in the partition treaties of his sons. Only towards the end of the century, namely in 1294, Altenfels is mentioned once again. The Archbishop of Cologne promises the citizens of Brilon, who helped in the reconstruction of his castle, that in case of war no harm should come to them from it. In 1307, 1325 and 1326, there are still Burgmannen mentioned at the castle, so that it can be assumed that it still existed at that time.

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