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The first Bürgerwald project at Möhnesee 2020 met with great approval: sponsorships were taken over for 226 trees, and many more interested parties have come forward.





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Because the stresses to which our forests are exposed - heat, drought, storms and pests - will be with us for many years to come.

Once again, interested parties can take on tree sponsorships for one or more trees and dedicate this sponsorship to a specific occasion: be it a wedding anniversary, the birth of a child or the memory of a special person.

What is new is that now also companies, associations or similar. Companies, associations, etc. can now also take on sponsorships for larger areas and thus get involved in a good cause. Another new feature is that a nature trail is to be laid out through the area, which can be used for educational forest work for all age groups.

The new Bürgerwald area is again located on the south shore, below the Möhnesee tower, in the immediate vicinity of the Bürgerwald that has already been planted. It covers 3.78 ha.

For the individual plantings, the tree species cherry, Norway maple and lime-leaved birch are available for selection. As an avenue, they will beautify the hiking trails up to the Möhnesee tower. The donation per tree is 99.00 euros. A plaque with a number will be placed on a pole next to the tree. The tree sponsor receives a certificate in which, in addition to this number, the desired occasion is also noted.

There are different types of trees available for the area sponsorships, but they are assigned to individual segments in advance. The areas are between 200 and 1.000 m², the donations per area are between 480,00 and 2.000,00 €.

All details about the sponsorships can be found on our website www.moehnesee.de/buergerwald.

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