Bürgerschützengesellschaft Warstein e.V.


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Member of Stadtmarketing Warstein e.V.

Founded 16 June 1949

Platzhalterbild Vereine


Bürgerschützengesellschaft Warstein e.V.

Herrenbergsweg 18

59581 Warstein




The society cultivates the traditional Sauerland shooting and organizes the Warstein shooting festival annually at Whitsun

Thoughts on the motto of the Bürgerschützengesellschaft Warstein e.V.

From time immemorial, a central point of the local community has been the shooting fraternity. Its motto "Glaube, Sitte, Heimat" (Faith, Morals, Homeland) refers to the good tradition inherited from the forefathers that the practice of the Christian faith, the preservation of the customs and morals founded in this faith, and the love of the ancestral homeland are to be particularly cultivated. With us these ideals are respected and lived and thus our whole strength is dedicated to the motto "Faith, Morals, Homeland".

Confessing the faith

It is a happiness and a joy to believe that life comes from God's hand, that God carries life, that God is there for us.

Protect custom

The good behavior that has developed over the centuries, the good actions that have become firmly established in people's minds and have proven themselves as a habit, have become good customs. Reason and conscience allow us to recognize what is good and right, what corresponds to human dignity as well as to the nature of the matter and what the situation demands, what ultimately serves peace and creates justice.

Loving the homeland

Where we are at home, we feel at home, there is our homeland. To us Warsteiners, God has entrusted a particularly beautiful piece of His creation. Here lie the roots of our origins. Many generations of our ancestors have lived here. This is where our inherited and acquired way of thinking, speaking and acting has developed. Here we live and act in responsibility also for future generations. We are links in a chain.

We wish all Schützenbrüder and Schützenschwestern of our society that their long-standing tradition of standing up for faith, customs and homeland will also prove itself in the future.

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