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Werl is the largest Marian pilgrimage site in the archdiocese of Paderborn and is one of the pilgrimage sites in Europe with supraregional fame.

Türme der Wallfahrtsbasilika Werl


Basilica of pilgrimage Werl

Walburgisstraße 39

59457 Werl

Telefon: +49 (0)2922 982-0



Werl is the largest place of pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary in the archdiocese of Paderborn and is one of the pilgrimage sites in Europe with supraregional fame.

The pilgrimage basilica with the image of the Virgin Mary is the destination of numerous pilgrims. The neo-Romanesque church was built between 1904 and 1906, as the neighboring monastery church had become too small for the growing number of pilgrims. With its distinctive towers and the spacious forecourt with the arcades as well as the open staircase, the church characterizes the place far beyond the city limits. The basilica was built from the local green sandstone. Inside, the church surprises with its clarity. The goal of all pilgrims and believers is the image of the Virgin Mary of the "Consoler of the Afflicted". It dates back to the 12th century and used to be venerated in the Wiesenkirche in Soest. In 1661, the figure finally reached Werl, where the Marian pilgrimage still attracts around 100,000 pilgrims. In 1953, the church was elevated to the rank of "Papal Basilica" by the Vatican. Pilgrims have left "traces" on and in the church. On the forecourt under the arcades, for example, there are artistically designed plaques commemorating the anniversaries of pilgrimage groups, some of which have been making their way to Werl for centuries. It is still a tradition today for pilgrimage groups to carry large, artistically designed candles to Werl. These can also be found in the display case with the votive offerings. The colorful windows of the basilica are particularly worth seeing. Next to the basilica, the idyllic Stations of the Cross square invites visitors to relax, reflect and meditate. (


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