Baroque garden of Schloss Hovestadt


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Location: 59510 Lippetal-Hovestadt, Schloßstraße 1

Restored baroque garden with unique stern theater

Holzbrücke im Schlosspark

Barockgarten, Gang

Barockgarten, Teich

Barockgarten, Wassergraben

Barockgarten, Gräfte


Baroque garden of Schloss Hovestadt

Schloßstraße 1

59510 Lippetal

Telefon: 02923-980-228

Fax: 02923-980-232



The parks of Schloss Hovestadt are a valuable testimony of a late French garden from the middle of the 18th century. The gardens in the form as they appear as of the summer of 1997 after the completion of three years of reconstruction work were probably laid out in the period between 1740-60.

The Baroque structure included visual axes, symmetry, cell-like seclusion - the garden sections consist of an inner and outer area.

Baroque garden tours can be arranged directly with the tour guide Ulrike Mußhoff by phone 02923/1033.


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